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NCLEX and Nursing Test Exam Prep and Tutoring

Wendy K. Greenspan, MSN, RN, CCRN-K, CNE is an expert Nurse Educator and NCLEX® Specialist. She helps nursing students and nursing graduates pass the NCLEX® nursing exams through expert tutoring, coaching, and webinars. Click to read how RN Boot Camp works.

Welcome to RN Boot Camp

Hi, I am Wendy K. Greenspan, also known as “Professor G.” I am the founder of RN Boot Camp, a comprehensive Nursing Education Company that I own and operate. I help nursing students and nursing graduates pass nursing exams and the NCLEX® exam through expert tutoring, coaching, and webinars. I specialize in all types of test prep which results in decreased anxiety and nursing test success.

My focus is to show you mind-blowing strategies that will lead you to succeed!

~ Wendy K. Greenspan

We meet in person, via phone, Zoom, Skype, FaceTime

RN Boot Camp’s Mission

RN Boot Camp’s mission is to support individuals in reaching their aspirations of becoming a nurse. Delivering exceptional personalized or group, online or in-person instruction, RN Boot Camp is a premier service provider for the NCLEX® Exam and Nursing Test prep. I provide live and online tutoring and test preparation for individuals seeking to pass NCLEX or any nursing exam.

I am available to help with NCLEX-RN®, NCLEX-PN®, HESI, ATI, Med-Surg, CCRN, CNE, CEN or any nursing exam or certification exam.

I am a Nursing Education Specialist and hold a master’s degree and certifications in Nursing Education and Critical Care Nursing Education. I have been tutoring and teaching NCLEX® reviews for over 18 years and have great insight, aptitude, and capability regarding the NCLEX exam.  I  support first-time test takers, repeat test-takers, people with learning disabilities, and international students. Read my bio, click here.

Why Choose RN Boot Camp?

RN Boot Camp has a 100% pass rate for those who follow my plan and direction. I have a deep understanding of the Nursing Profession, Nursing Knowledge, The NCLEX® Exam requirements, and nursing students. I know what is needed to have a successful outcome. Tutoring is personalized to the student’s needs. This includes curriculum, study materials, scheduling, and teaching style.

When you work with RN Boot Camp, you receive live instruction from a Nursing Education Specialist with extensive Nursing Education and noteworthy NCLEX® experience. I also have extensive experience with exam construction, in particular high-level nursing exams.

What Makes RN Boot Camp Different?

RN Boot Camp, a woman-owned business, strives to support the emotional well-being of every nursing/graduate student we serve. I do this by using my knowledge, wisdom, and empathy. Read my Bio/CV, click here.

I support nursing students and graduate nurses so that they are able to meet their academic demands and prevent career complications.

I act as teacher, counselor, coach, and mentor to support my students toward their goal. I will help you work through the stressful demands of nursing school, work, family, and other issues as they arise.

My Credentials include:

• I have experience with two of the largest NCLEX® review companies in the US and worldwide
• I have received numerous awards for teaching skills and results.
• I am known as a master teacher, achieving accolades and high benchmarks.
• I am an expert item writer, who understands complex test construction.
• I am an experienced nurse educator including 20 years as an Academic Professor of Nursing, Hospital Staff Development Educator, Director of Education, and Director of Infection Control.
•  I have an extensive 40-year clinical background including Med Surg, Oncology, Critical Care, Emergency Nursing, and Management.
•  I have participated in the education of thousands of students and graduates who are now successful nurses.
Read some testimonials to my work, click here.


Need specialized tutoring help? I am here to help. I have helped many people pass after 10 -25 failures. RN Boot Camp has a 100% pass rate for those who follow my plan and direction.

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