I took the NCLEX in July but unfortunately did not pass. I was devastated and for the whole month of August, I kept wondering if nursing was really for me.

It was after I spoke to my sister-in-law who told me about Wendy Greenspan and her program. I gave Wendy a call and from the beginning, she broke down the whole process, what she expected of me and what was expected of her.

After the first call with her, I felt better already. I was ready to try again. I met with Wendy weekly. I had questions on Uworld along with her 7 tests. She also gave me helpful resources for math and medications. My skills at mastering questions grew stronger each week and I gained my confidence back.

I took the NCLEX again on December 23, 2019 and found out I passed on Christmas Day. It was an incredible feeling and I’m eternally grateful for Wendy. I could not have passed without her and her brilliant program.

I am now an orthopedics nurse.

Lauren Bravo

When I was in nursing school, Wendy was highly recommended to me by multiple of my fellow nursing classmates.  Nursing is my second degree and as a foreigner/immigrant, it was very new and difficult for me to adjust to the standardized testing system. I met Wendy during my preparation for the NCLEX. During our tutoring sessions, Wendy became a mentor to me. She not only helped me to better understand how to break down and select questions, but she also guided me, gave me multiple tips/tricks to assist me with my studies.

All her guidance, advice, and support helped me to learn more, lessened my anxiety, and to ace my NCLEX after answering 75 questions. Almost 5 years later, all the techniques, tips, and advice Wendy taught me helped me prepare and pass my OCN. I couldn’t be more grateful and lucky to have had a chance to meet and work with an amazing person, teacher, nurse, professional!

Anna Lapin

I don’t know how to begin this but one thing I know for sure, I learned to be patient, I was taught to understand not to read, I now know (but still need more practice) how to attack questions, focus on the topic, and not be destructed by the unrelated words in the questions, I now prioritize, do elimination which I know a lot of us who will be taking this test does but I can’t explain it, Wendy was able to show me how to really do it.

What I love about working with Wendy is her patience she’s not going to rush you. She will work based on your phase and she doesn’t mind all the questions, she actually likes that. Ask her and she’ll have the answer! Not only she’s patient, but she also takes her time in getting to know you so she will have a better understanding of how to approach you with her teaching strategies. Each student, different approach this is the best for me and she understands that everyone has a different level of understanding and a different level of knowledge when it comes to nursing. I graduated in 2007, so her approach is different from a newly grad nursing student.

Aside from she’s a great instructor, she’s an amazing cue finder. what I meant by that? She sensed that something was wrong and I did’t want to face it but she was there to listen to me. She’s not only a teacher but also a therapist, for me at least! She listened and made me seek help because she said she doesn’t want me going to her one on one class, waste my money, if I’m distracted and with that words from her, I seek help and now I’m doing a lot better.

I know this is too much for you to read, but for someone like me who tried this NCLEX a million times, I’m positive that with Wendy’s help, I’m getting there.  Thank you so much Ms. Wendy!!


I never thought BLS could be so much fun! I will never take it with anyone else!


Thank you for the great tutoring sessions! I appreciate all of your help and guidance. You add humor and help me remember things that are so difficult.


You don’t look at a clock and spend the time I need which makes me feel important. I am very comfortable in approaching you with questions. I can’t wait for our sessions.


You explained very well and clearly and taught in an interesting and stimulating way. You told me that if something was not clear, I could call or text you at any time. I don’t know what I would have done without you.


I took NCLEX  last Friday.  I passed! I just wanted to thank you for helping me review. I kept hearing your voice whenever I would get stuck, like “no BP-no PeePee” & “Hello Doctor-Who’s your supervisor?”

So again thank you! Keep up the good work with your memory joggers that really help. I will definitely be needing your services for resume preparation & interview skills. 

Anna, RN

Just wanted to let you know that I passed my NCLEX and if it weren’t for you I absolutely would not have. I took a different review course in May, and it was of no benefit to me at all.

You taught me the strategies and gave me the confidence I needed. I want to thank you! I was never good at standardized test-taking especially comprehensive nursing exams but with your help, I did it!

I am definitely going to refer you to current students and share my experiences with them. I’m so happy and relieved. Thank you again!

Amanda Michalak, RN, BSN

I was one of your students. I took my and PASSED. It was my second attempt and after the first attempt, I was down and out.

After the first session working with you, I already knew I felt better. I was revived. My confidence was back.

I followed all of your advice: reviewed question, after question; test after test.  I ate, drank, slept NCLEX.

I was a nervous wreck on test day.  When the questions appeared, I knew I had to pass. I took my time and used the decision tree. Two and a half hours and 75 questions later, I left the testing center in despair.  I felt like I was hit by a truck…twice.  I thought I failed. I was going over question after question in my head.  I just accepted my fate and waited. I tried to re-register and found that I couldn’t. I knew then I had passed… and I did pass!

Thank you for the wonderful person you are.  You are an inspiration. Your knowledge, compassion and concern for your students is phenomenal.

I will keep you informed of my incredible journey into nursing.  A dream come true. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Johnnita Woods, R.N.

I graduated in May took Hurst and failed in 85 questions. After working with you and following your “pearls” I passed in 102 mind-blowing questions.

I wanted to thank you because your tips allowed me to pass. I had my worry doll, I took the break when it appeared after two hours (went to the bathroom washed my face with cold water and gave myself a pep talk) and was mentally prepared to go to 265.

The difference was amazing. Last time I thought I was going to know all the answers, this time I knew I was going to have to somehow think my way to the answer. THANK YOU Wendy and RN Bootcamp!


While feeling defeated and overwhelmed after failing the NCLEX boards for the third time, I didn’t know what to do. I felt like I was in quicksand. The more I tried to study, the more anxious I became and the harder it was to sit for this exam and pass it. Stuck, having no idea what my next step would be, a family friend recommended Wendy Greenspan/RN Bootcamp. I was told she specialized in my situation, helping with people who have failed the boards. I was willing to try anything, and Wendy was exactly what I needed.

After contacting Wendy, she worked with me every step of the way. She made me a calendar to follow and emailed great study material to help me pass the exam. Her flexible hours made it easy for me to meet with her as I worked part-time. More than that, Wendy is great for moral support and always willing to talk. She’s a great listener and helped me through the dark days when I wanted to give up.

With Wendy’s help, I passed the boards in February 2014. If it wasn’t for her, I might not have passed the boards and be starting my career as a Registered Nurse.


With Wendy’s help I passed the boards in February. If it wasn’t for her, I might not have passed the boards and be starting my career as a Registered Nurse.


Thank you for the great energy you always bring to me!


Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I cannot believe I passed in 75 qs. Thank you for having faith in me when I doubted myself.  


Thank you so much. You are such a wonderful teacher and I will follow the study plan you designed. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.


What can I say except thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart. As I sat taking the exam, I had you with me more than ever. I could hear you say “Don’t pick that, that’s “Do Nothing Julie! The answer is right in front of you take a breath. You know this.” Also your power points really did help. Thank you again for everything.



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